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Wade 2.png
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 20's
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Black (seen in "Stumped")
Personal Information
  Food 'n' Fix
  Worker at the Food 'n' Fix
  Kick Buttowski
Gunther Magnuson
Harold Buttowski
Honey Buttowski
Brad Buttowski
Brianna Buttowski
Jackie Wackerman
Emo Kid
Rowdy Remington
Kendall Perkins (in "Roll Reversal")
  CEO of Food 'n' Fix
  Cheetah Chug!
Chilling out
Unnamed step-mother
Betty (goldfish)
Production Information
First Appearance:
Last Appearance:
  "Petrified!" (speaking)
"Last Fan Standing" (appearance)
Voiced by:
Eric Christian Olsen

“What was I doing before the phone rang?

Wade is a man who works as the manager of the local Food 'n' Fix and is a close friend of Kick and Gunther. He usually helps them whenever they need something. He is in his mid-20's. He provides the guys nuclear (which unintentionally causes his promotion in "Wade Against The Machine"). He also calls Kick "Danger Dude" and Gunther "Wingman" or "Norse Amigo".


Wade is a really lazy and forgetful man, so he can be described as irresponsible. But he is really friendly and masculine as he is a very close friend of Kick and Gunther.


Wade always wears the same clothes everyday: a giant orange beanie that covers his eyes, a green blouse with a brown n' yellow jacket, two white bracelets, a ripped-off jeans and a blue tennis.


Kick Buttowski

Kick and Wade are best pals. Every day Kick goes with Gunther to the Food 'n' Fix to see Wade (and buy some Cheetah Chug! and stuff). In "Live In Wade" Kick invites Wade to live with him, but it doesn't work well as he is a terrible roommate.

Gunther Magnuson

Wade and Gunther have nearly the same relationship. Gunther is also a good friend of Wade and both like to mix drinks at his gas station to make special effects, as seen in "Wade Against The Machine".

Buttowski Family

In "Live In Wade" Kick's family seems to have a strong liking for Wade, but Kick wants him out of his house causing his family to become angry with Kick.

Kendall Perkins

In "Roll Reversal" Kendall outdoes Kick at a Motocross stunt and become "Mellowbrook's Top Daredevil". Because of this, Wade and Kendall become good friends (causing jealousy for Kick and Gunther), he calls her "Danger Dudette" and he stops selling Cheetah Chug! as a Sloshy flavor in favor of Omega-3 Freeze (at her request).