I'll Tell the Story of Love and Kick Kendall

It all begins when kick kendall kisses in film (■ Box Office Blitz) I think Kick Ai discovers that ronaldo and kendall are together Kick participates in the progam "face down" and enlists the help of kick to win the progam ronaldo ronaldo and asks for help to be more radical in that Kendall told him he could be more radical and kick is when she looks with a look at the romantic Ronaldo is not in episódiomais kick and kendall are made ​​to dance together and in the end she tells him "You're so awesome" and he says "You're So Smart" Now the episode and assimkickestá practicing maneuvers in a cave And there also is kendall coming up and kick her and she asks for help to lift and had a hand in the cave slime kendall and the hand of a two grudamtem ronaldo pate that calls and says he is kendall going to meet with her and he was in a shop and kick ond estavão kendall and kendall get some clothes and quickly leaves Quend ronaldo they kiss (most can not see) after the kiss he kick and kick and hate not complain about the kiss. and the last episode (denation) kick, gunther, kendall, ronaldo and mouth going to the arrest, takes a kick in the room cd sra.ticarellie she sees the kick with the CD and says he will be espulso kick and hugs and kendall and Puch and when he says no! writes kendall and end your closet (I ♥ KB). Kick kendall loves (love and hate) Kendall loves kick (love and hate) They may in the future until she married