Hello KB fans!

As christmas is coming, I made a new look for the wiki! Still awesome, but more christmas-spirited!

Just just you all enjoy it!

Changing the subject, I came to Sandro Corsaro's twitter and he is leaving some clues about upcoming but unnamed episodes! With storyboard sketches or scripts!

One where Kendall, Gunther and (probably) Kick grow up:!/SandroCorsaro/status/144885096300822528/photo/1

One where Wacky Jackie and Cousin Kyle finally meet! Fighting for the position of Kick's #1 fan:!/SandroCorsaro/status/147082011457228801/photo/1

Stay alert for new episodes!

--Gordiesignature Beckybell Kendallsignature (TP!) 16:51, December 16, 2011 (UTC)