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Truth or Daredevil
Season 2, Episode 9
Truthordaredevil hdtitlecard.jpg
Prod. Code: 207
Premiered: June 19, 2011
Goal: Gain a better understanding of Grandpa
Written by:
  Derek Dressler
Storyboard by:
  Chuck Klein
Troy Adomitis
Mike Kunkle
Directed by:
  Chris Savino
Clay Morrow
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"Truth or Daredevil" is the 9th. episode of Season 2 of Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil.



This Episode Begins With Kick And Gunter Using Mr. Vickle Duck System To Build A Water Slide But Brad Sabotage It Making Kick Fell After He Fell, Honey Tell Kick That The Whole Family Will Go To Brianna Pagent But Kick Must Stay With Grandpa, But Kick Hate Grandpa Because He Is Boring Because He Is Boring, Grandpa Challange Kick To Clean His Garage, Kick Found An Old Photo Of Grandpa As Military Soldier And Found His Medal For Spying On The Enemy Line So Grandpa Tell The Story About How His Career As A Spy.

Part 1

Grandpa Story Begin When He Still Young ( Kick Buttowski ) And Became A Delivery Boy Until He Was Abducted By US Military Led By The General ( Rock Callahan ) The General Bring Grandpa To The Military As A Spy, His Mission Is To Get The Package From Chemistry Lab In Little Village In Tankinistan, Which Under Dictatorship ( Brad ) To Get Formula Of Rocket Fuel "Jaguar Juice" And Give It To Mellowbrook Before The Enemy Could. He Accepts And Gets Motorcycle From The Mechanist ( Wade ), The General Also Give Kick A Password But He Couldn't Listen, He Then Fell From The Plane But Got Caught By The Dictator & His Henchman ( Horace & Patsy ), The Dictator Order The Henchman To Caught Grandpa But He Could Manage To Escape Him And Got To The Village Chemistry Lab Little Do He Know That The Package Is The Scientist ( Gunther ) With The Formula In His Brain, But He Will Go if Grandpa Tell The Password Which He Know When Baker Throw "Biscuit" To His Head After He Destroys His Bakery Earlier, He Then Bring The Scientist To The Airbase But The Henchmen Spy On Him, On The Way To The Airstrip They Run Out Of Fuel At Petrol Station, The Store Clerk ( Ms. Chicarelli ) Call The Dictator About His Appearance And Both of Them Flee Back To The Plane, But Is A Trap By The Dictator, He Arrest The Scientist And Make Grandpa Jump Without A Parachute Before A Cliff Hanger Appeared

Part 2

Continuing, Grandpa Is Falling To His Death Until He Saved But Tied By The Member Of The Resistance ( Jackie ) She Caught Him Because She Obsessed With Him ( Like Jackie Did In Present ) She Also Joins The Resistance Because Of Him, She Is Planning To Go To Enemy Base But She Is Scared So Grandpa Want The Fan To Free Him But She Wouldnt Let Him Go Without Her Which He Agreed, Both Of Them Went To The Based But Its Under The Hill So Grandpa & The Fan Used The Fishermen ( Mr.Vickle ) Leiderhosen And Build A Glider And Handgliding To The Enemy Based But Got Crashed Because The Fan Is Scared And Grandpa Lost His Goggles On The Crash, After They Arrived Both Split With The Fan Became A Distraction But Get Caught By The Enemy, Grandpa Save The Scientist From The Dictator Before He Gives The Formula While Sneaking To Save The Scientist, The Dictartor Torture The Scientist By Eating With His Mouth Open Making The Scientist Surrender But Supportbeam Holding Grandpa Broke And Grandpa Fell And Save The Scientist And His Motorcycle But They Left The Motorcycle To Escape From Duct But The Dictator Order The Henchman To Flood Them And They Got Caught Again So Dictator Fight Grandpa ( In The Way Of Kick & Brad Fight On Daily Basis ), Grandpa Won And Escape Again With The Scientist, His Motorcycle, The Fan & His Goggles They Escape By Jumping Out The Base And Go To The Plane But Got Chase By The Dictator Tank, That Shoot Grenade Launcher But Created A Sink Hole Around Him, The Fan Still Didint Want To Fly The Plane So Grandpa Say That If She Flies The Plane, Grandpa Maybe Get A Date With The Fan Which She Agreed While Takeoff They Got Intercept By The Dictator With A Bazooka But He Accidently Shoots His Based Instead Grandpa Caught Him And Bring Him To The General And Arrest Him, With The Help Of The Scientist "Jaguar Juice" Grandpa Led The Resistance Army To Defeat The Dictator Army Which They Won To Victory


This Story Closed With Grandpa Showing Kick His Old Motorcycle And Give Him His Old Googles, Grandpa Then Bring Kick On A Ride With The Bike But It's Run Out Of Fuel, Kick Say Its Okay Because He Has Great Day With Him But Grandpa Say "It's Not Over Yet" And Bring His Old Can Of "Jaguar Juice" And Fuel The Bike And They Both Ride Away.


While riding with Grandpa, Kick presses a red button which causes Wade's pants to fall down.


  • Greg Cipes as Horace / Dictator Henchman 1
  • Harland Williams as Pantsy / Dictator Henchman 2
  • Eric Christian Olsen as Wade / The Mechanist

Cameo Apperance

  • Mindy Sterling as Ms. Chicarelli / Store Clerk At The Petrol Station ( The Tatler )

Mention Character