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The Gift of Wacky
Season 1, Episode 28
Thegiftofwacky hdtitlecard.jpg
Prod. Code: 115b
Premiered: June 21, 2010
Goal: Throw Wacky Jackie the most awesome party ever
Story by:
  Mitch Larson
Written by:
  Bob Camp
Derek Dressler
Storyboard by:
  Bob Camp
Directed by:
  Chris Savino
Sherm Cohen
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"The Gift of Wacky" is the 28th. episode of Season 1 of Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil.


Kick is invited to "Wacky" Jackie's birthday party in the middle of a stunt, but he decides to get rid of her forever since she wrecked his once in a lifetime stunt. Kick makes a deal with Brad, who promises to help find a gift for Jackie's birthday at the cost of his room. When Kick sees he is the only guest at her party, he instead decides to throw her the most awesome party ever. The only thing he forgets about is the present. Now becomes the question of how Jackie will react to Kick's present.


Jackie dances with a tumbleweed at her party.