Gb thechimi-changas
The Chimi-Changas
is a music group which is founded by Kick Buttowski order to take his garage back from the "The Yeah Brads" (Brad, Horace, and Pantsy).

The group is founded and actually only exists in "Garage Banned".


After Brad, Horace, and Pantsy use Kick's garage for music rehearsal they ban him from the garage. In retaliation, Kick forms the group and later Gunther finds 4 more members but they leave the group when Kick tries to make them play instruments that they don't know to play.

After they leave Gunther and Kick's search fails, but they meet the team members at the Food 'n' Fix (during The Battle of the Bands). Kick apologizes for his earlier behaviour, and they agree to join him again. They are unstoppable, until "The Yeah Brads" cheat.


Kick Buttowski

Kick is the founder of the group. He forms it for the purpose of taking back his garage from "The Yeah Brads". He is the one who leads the group and plays music with tools found around the Food 'n' Fix.

Gunther Magnuson

Gunther's role in the group is rapping due to Papercut Peterson making him upset by calling him a "little girl". Papercut is the only one who can make Gunther mad and become a good rapper. However, Kick tries to make him rap on the spot.

Emo Kid

Emo Kid also joins the group with him playing the flute. Kick tries to get him to play an electric guitar.

Jackie Wackerman

Jackie helps the group by playing the clarinet. Her reason for playing it is because the name of the instrument sounds like Kick's real name: "Clarence". Kick also tries to get Jackie to play a guitar.


Mary is in the band, keeping the beat by using her dentures as castanets. Kick tried to get her to play the drums, because the drums and castanets are both precussion instruments.


Not much is known about him, other than he plays the cello. He talks the least of the whole group; he only grunts. Since the cello and bass guitar are both low instruments, Kick tries to get him to play the bass guitar.

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