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“My name is Rosetti, Scarlett Rosetti.”

Scarlett Rosetti
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Age: 15
Hair color: Red
Eye color: Green
Personal Information
  Stunt double
  Scarlet Letter
  Kick Buttowski
  Teena Sometimes (on her show)
Love Interests:
  Kick Buttowski (small crush)
Production Information
First Appearance:
  "And... Action!"
Last Appearance:
  "And... Action!" (speaking)

"Last Fan Standing" (appearance)

Voiced by:
Alyssa Milano

Scarlett Rosetti is the female counterpart of Kick Buttowski. She makes her first and only speaking appearance in "And... Action!". She is originally Teena's stunt double in the show Teena Sometimes but later becomes Scarlet Letter, Teena's nemesis.


Scarlett as Teena Sometimes

Scarlett as Scarlet Letter

Scarlett originally begins on the cartoon with a job as a stunt double for Brianna's favorite television show. Despite doing all the hard work she doesn't get any respect from the show or Teena's fans, Kick is the first person to appreciate all the awesome stunt work she does for the show. She ends up quitting after Kick shows her how to be her own person, but then becomes her own character on the show in the end. It is hinted during the episode that Kick might be attracted to Scarlett. After seeing what she really looks like, his mouth is wide open and he shyly asks her (but trying to confirm) if she likes stunts.


Kick Buttowski

“So, you like stunts, huh?”
Kick to Scarlett in "And... Action!"

Kick and Scarlett

Kick and Scarlett may have a small crush on each other. This is shown when a scene of them drinking a huge bucket of Cheetah Chug! is shown. Later, they are skydiving, so, they are looking at each other as if enamoured with each other. Even though he only shows some possible love signs at the beginning of the episode, Kick is possibly still in love with Scarlett.


  • Even though Scarlett is an one-time character, she has a very big fanbase. This is because she's a very different girl in the cartoon and seemingly has a crush on Kick (like Kendall).
  • She's the 3rd girl on the cartoon who has a crush on Kick. The 1st is Jackie and the 2nd is Kendall.
  • Many fans confuse her name with Scarlet Rosetti instead of Scarlett Rosetti. But her official name is Scarlett, as seen in "And... Action!"'s ending credits.
  • In the cartoon, there's a background character similar to Scarlett.