Principal Rival
Ba! principalrival
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Black
Personal Information
  Teacher and Principal
  Kick Buttowski
Principal Henry
Production Information
First Appearance:
  "Bee Awesome!"
Last Appearance:
  "Bee Awesome!"
Voiced by:
Carlos Alazraqui

Principal Rival is Principal Henry's rival who makes his only appearance in "Bee Awesome!".


40 years ago, prior to the series principal rival, before becoming principal, competed in the mellowBrook spelling competition against principal Henry. When principal Henry misspelled the word principle it is assumed that rival spelled it right and won the competition. Years later he arrived at mellowbrook School to show off his Prize student Javier, only to learn that no one would compete due to the tuna that principal Henry had serve in the cafeteria instead of Pizza ( which he originally thought would help Kendall become smarter) caused almost all the students to come to food poisoning.