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Papercut Peterson
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: early 40's
Eye color: Black
Personal Information
  Wrestling fighter
  Piledriver Peterson
  Kick Buttowski
Gunther Magnuson (only in "Drop Kick")
  Shogun Sanchez
Brad Buttowski
Gunther Magnuson (he insults him by calling him "a little girl")
Shogun Sanchez (older half-brother)
Production Information
First Appearance:
  "Drop Kick"
Last Appearance:
  "Only the Loan-ly"
Voiced by:
Carl Faruolo

"Papercut" Peterson is Shogun Sanchez's little brother. He was once known as "Piledriver" Peterson, a famous wrestler. He was also the owner of a wrestling academy, but since his brother beat him up, he was obliged to give it to him. But Kick helps him get it back in "Drop Kick", Papercut's debut appearance. He calls Gunther a little girl throughout the series.


He is kind of smart, but also weird. He was a wrestler called Piledriver Peterson. But since before "Drop Kick", he became like a beggar. Then, he lived a terrible past. He created the Papercut Peterson's Wrestling Annex, where he finds Kick and Gunther. He helps them to be strong like wrestling fighters to help Kick beat up Brad, due to Brad's extreme laziness and bullying. At the end of the episode, he becomes "Piledriver" Peterson again and becomes awesome once more.


He wears amended and old clothes: a dark green jacket, a ripped blue long sleeve blouse and wrestling gloves, yellow shorts and small white boots. On his hairless head, he wears a red and black hat, which he found when it was really cold.

Kick, Gunther, and "Piledriver" Peterson.


Kick Buttowski

He and Kick become partners and friends. Papercut teaches Kick how to be a wrestler and then both fight their brothers. Then, he thanks Kick for it, and for helping him to get his Academy back. Then, Kick thanks him for teaching him that younger brothers can beat older brothers.

Gunther Magnuson

Oddly, Papercut thinks Gunther is a little girl, as seen in lots of episodes. Since the first time Shogun is gonna beat up Gunther to cheat, he says: "He's gonna cheat! He's gonna beat up that little girl!". It's still unknown why Papercut thinks Gunther is a little girl. Anyway, Gunther is thankful for Papercut giving him training in "Drop Kick".


  • After he defeats Shogun Sanchez, he returns to his muscular form; yet in "For The Love of Gunther" we see him as his hobo self again.