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''Here is your own private concussion stand, loser!''

Pantsy Gonzalez
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: (16 in season 1)

(17 in season 2)

Birthday: June 23 1994
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Black (seen in "According to Chimp")
Personal Information
  The Yeah Brads
Mouth's Family
Mellowbrook High School
The Emotional Dillweeds
  Usher at the Mellowbrook Megaplex
One of Brad Buttowski's goons
  Brad Buttowski
Kick Buttowski (in Pool Daze & Last Fan Standing)
Kendall Perkins (in Box Office Blitz
  Kick Buttowski
Gunther Magnuson
Kendall Perkins
Jackie Wackerman
Emo Kid
Luigi Vendetta
Love Interests:
  Being a gentlemen to hot girls
  Working at the Mellowbrook Megaplex as Assistent Manager
Mr. Gonzalez (Fat mall cop)
Mouth (brother)
Production Information
First Appearance:
  "Dead Man's Drop" (Appearance)

"Box Office Blitz" (Speaking)

Last Appearance:
  "Dead Man's Roller Coaster" (speaking)
"Last Fan Standing" (appearance)
Voiced by:
Harland Williams

Pantsy is a henchman of Brad Buttowski, the best friend of Horace, and one of the ushers at the Mellowbrook Megaplex. He always wears 3D glasses, and when not in uniform wears a simple hoodie. He only appears in a few episodes, and is always assisting Brad when he does. He is known for taking his job at the movie theatre far too seriously, kicking out practically everyone for minor infractions (including his younger brother Christopher and Kick).


Kick Buttowski And Gunther Magnuson

While Mouth can due to Pantsy being his brother. Gunther makes it inside, but Kick doesn't, so he tries to escape Pantsy. Later he finds out that Mouth got kicked out for dropping popcorn, so they, along with Gunther, devise a plan to sneak past Pantsy and make it inside. The plan however doesn't work and Pantsy throws Mouth out again, while Kick escapes. Soon it turns into a chase inside the cinema, where Pantsy sends out tons of ushers to capture Kick and Gunther, who manage to beat the ushers Rock Callahan style. However, Kick and Gunther are eventually surrounded, but just as they're about to be captured, the sprinklers are set off and Pantsy must direct everyone out of the cinema.


Mouth teases Kick and Gunther about most likely not being able to get inside, while he can due to Pantsy being his brother. Gunther makes it inside, but Kick doesn't, so he tries to escape Pantsy. But later on after Mouth drop a popcorn,Pantsy then threw him right away out,screaming: ''Here is your own private concussion stand, loser!''.


- He is a parody of the bully from Back to the Future.

- He has no rights calling someone ''loser'' at work.

- He is the smartest person of Brad's gang.

- He has tiny pupils, due for wearing the 3-D glasses too long.

- He has a young brother.

- It is possible he doesn't have a mom.

- He is assistant manager of the cinema.


He wears an orange hoodie, blue pants, brown shoes, 3-D glasses (You normaly wear them only when you are going to the movies), spooked brown hair, and wonderful white teeth.

Voice Actors

English: Harland Williams

German: Adolf Zuckerberger

Italian: ???

Japanese: Rychuo Kitawa

Tamil: ???

Latin Spanish: Miguel Romeo

Cantonese: ???

Appearance of episodes

Season 1

Season 2