Christopher Mouth Gonzalez
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Black
Personal Information
  The Lipstick Killers
The Emotional Dillweeds
  Kick Buttowski (frenemies)
Gunther Magnuson (frenemies)
Jackie Wackerman
Kendall Perkins (as his cilent)
Ronaldo (most of the time)
Emo Kid
Luigi Vendetta
Pantsy (when he is not with Brad)
Horace (when he is not with Brad)
  Ms. Chicarelli
Pantsy (when he is one Brad's friends)
Brad Buttowski
Horace (when he is one Brad's friends)
Kendall Perkins (sometimes)
Kick Buttowski (former)
Gunther Magnuson (former)
Gordie Gibble
Harold Buttowski (one-sided, on Mouth's side)
  Playing schuffleboard
Daredevil Idols:
  Rock Callahan
2nd assistant security guard at Mellowbrook Mall
Pantsy (possible brother)
Production Information
First Appearance:
  "Dead Man's Drop" (although not mentioned by name until "Box Office Blitz")
Last Appearance:
  "Only the Loan-ly" (speaking)
"Last Fan Standing" (appearance)
Voiced by:
Richard Horvitz

Christopher "Mouth" is Pantsy's little brother. He's also the youngest son of the 2nd assistant security guard at Mellowbrook Mall. His nickname is a pun to him having a "Big Mouth" usually others or showing off.

He schemes a lot and he loves playing shuffleboard.


Mouth is a small boy with blond, gently spiked hair. His nose is somewhat big and he has light freckles under his eyes. Usually Mouth wears an orange shirt, light blue pants, and gray and white sneakers.


Compared to most characters, Mouth is one of the most normal in the series. Sometimes he's an ally to Kick, but sometimes he can be very annoying. Usually he has no problem complimenting something that Kick may have done, and seems to show interest in his stunts.

Usually he talks in a sarcastic tone, despite how he feels towards someone. At first he and his brother get along well, but their relationship seems to hit a rough patch in "Box Office Blitz" and since Brad is his friend.

In "Big Mouth" he tricks Kick and Gunther and gets them arrested by his father but this is a plan to help all of them watch "Jock Wilder's Crock Wrestle 2" and to help Kendall (who hires him at the beginning of the episode) get photos of Kick.


Kick Buttowski

He and Kick are friends as seen in "Box Office Blitz" they help each other, along with Gunther to see Rock Callahan's Zombie Motocross, but sometimes Mouth is annoying with Kick as is shown in "Father From the Truth" where he presumes that his dad is the best.

Gunther Magnuson

Like Kick, Mouth is frenemies with Gunther, but he is neutral and most friendly that Kick.


They are brothers and frenemies because in sometimes episodes their relationship slowly forms to one matching Kick & Brad's and Kendall & Linnie's, as seen in "Box Office Blitz" he bans Mouth from the movie theater, but when he is not with Brad, their relationship is normal.


He and Ronaldo are best friends and they're most helped each other as seen in "Detained", besides they're had a same problem.

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