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Christopher Mouth Gonzalez
Mouth cool.png
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 12-13
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Black
Personal Information
  The Lipstick Killers
The Emotional Dillweeds
  Kick Buttowski (frenemies)
Gunther Magnuson (frenemies)
Jackie Wackerman
Kendall Perkins (as his cilent)
Emo Kid
Luigi Vendetta
Pantsy (when he is not with Brad)
Horace (when he is not with Brad)
  Ms. Chicarelli
Pantsy (when he is one Brad's friends)
Brad Buttowski
Horace (when he is one Brad's friends)
Kendall Perkins (sometimes)
Kick Buttowski (former)
Gunther Magnuson (former)
Gordie Gibble
Harold Buttowski (one-sided, on Mouth's side)
  Playing schuffleboard
Daredevil Idols:
  Rock Callahan
2nd assistant security guard at Mellowbrook Mall
Pantsy (brother)
Production Information
First Appearance:
  "Dead Man's Drop" (although not mentioned by name until "Box Office Blitz")
Last Appearance:
  "Roll Reversal" (speaking)
"Rocked" (appearance)
Voiced by:
Richard Horvitz

Christopher "Mouth" is Pantsy's little brother. He's also the youngest son of the 2nd assistant security guard at Mellowbrook Mall. His nickname is a pun to him having a "Big Mouth" usually others or showing off.

He schemes a lot and he loves playing shuffleboard.


Mouth is a boy with long blond, gently spiked hair. His nose is somewhat big and he has light freckles under his eyes. Usually Mouth wears an orange shirt, light blue pants, and gray and white sneakers.


Compared to most characters, Mouth is one of the most normal in the series. Sometimes he's an ally to Kick, but sometimes he can be very annoying. Usually he has no problem complimenting something that Kick may have done, and seems to show interest in his stunts.

Usually he talks in a sarcastic tone, despite how he feels towards someone. At first he and his brother get along well, but their relationship seems to hit a rough patch in "Box Office Blitz" and since Brad is his friend.

In "Big Mouth" he tricks Kick and Gunther and gets them arrested by his father but this is a plan to help all of them watch "Jock Wilder's Crock Wrestle 2" and to help Kendall (who hires him at the beginning of the episode) get photos of Kick.

He's shown to be arrogant and sarcastic, and brags about a lot of things, like his father. He also schemes, such as gathering materials to collect a diamond in "Big Mouth." However, he has a nice side that shows up. He works with others when necessary, supports people he likes, and is even friendly towards his friends.



Mouth and Pantsy are brothers. Pantsy can be shown bullying Mouth on occasion, like bossing him around in "Luigi Vendetta" and kicking him out of the movie theater because of an accident in "Box Office Blitz". They are frenemies because in some episodes their relationship slowly forms to one matching Kick & Brad's, but when he is not with Brad, their relationship is normal. They do appear to be on good terms somewhat, as Pantsy gave Mouth free access to a movie and don't antagonize each other as much as Kick and Brad.

Pantsy and Mouth's Father

Mouth loves his father for how caring and cool he is. He's impressed by his skills, and even let him show off at school. Mouth's dad trusts his son and cares for him.

Kick Buttowski

Mouth is frenemies with Kick. In "Father From the Truth," Mouth kept mocking Kick about his dad being uncool compared to his. Mouth has also looked down on Kick in the first episode and even likes to put him down by showing off. Kick can even be annoyed by his actions. They are friends, as they've shown kindness and respect towards each other and even worked together in situations.

Gunther Magnuson

In "Abandon Friendship!," Gunther tried to be best friends with him, but Mouth told him they don't have much in common. They can be enemies or friends sometimes depending on the episode.


Mouth and Ronaldo don't have any problems with each other and hang out sometimes. They were shown together in "You've Been Brad'd!" watching the pranks Brad pulled on Kick.

Kendall Perkins

They have been shown cooperating with each other, although Mouth can hate Kendall if she's being bossy.