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Michelle is a reccuring character who makes minor appearances in "Battle For The Snax", "Runaway Recital" and "Bad Table Manners". In her three appearances, she gets married in every one.


Michelle is shown to be a young woman with blonde curly hair, wearing purple eyeshadow, dark pink lipstick and has a pointy nose. Her attire consists of a white wedding dress, with pearl earrings and a diamond headband.


She makes her first appearance in the show in "Battle For The Snax" where Kick grabs her during an attempt to gather a large crowd and bring them to BattleSnax in order to make sure Gunther and his family stay in town.

She makes her next appearance in "Runaway Recital"; this time when Kick accidentally picks her up as she's about to get married while driving the piano to gain speed so he can ride a ramp, only to thank him as she says he prevented her from making a big mistake. Later, she then introduces herself to Harold when he asks who she is.

She makes another small appearance in "Bad Table Manners" as she get picked up once again by Kick, this time as he and his father are playing Ping Pong, even thanking again him from saving her from getting married, only to fall off the table when she is hit by the ping pong ball.


  • It seems strange that Michelle wouldn't want to get married as she is seen at the church just as she is about to kiss the groom.