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Kicked Out
Season 1, Episode 5
Kickedout hdtitlecard.jpg
Prod. Code: 105a
Premiered: February 20, 2010
Goal: Get the hideout back from Brad.
Written by:
  Mitch Larson
Storyboard by:
  Carl Faruolo
Directed by:
  Chris Savino
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"Kicked Out" is the 5th. episode of Season 1 of Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil.


Kick performs another dangerous stunt and falls off a cliff with Gunther. They land inside a gully, which they transform into their new awesome hangout but Brad and his friends, Horace and Pantsy take it from them. Through various stunts, Kick and Gunther try to get the hangout back, like using the smell of Gunther's fart to get them out, and sneaking in, but they fail. Soon they go into war, but when Gunther is hit and Kick ends up surrounded, Kick uses Gunther's Viking horn to summon his Viking family to scare off Brad and his friends. Afterwards, Gunther prepares a Lingonberry Pie feast for all the Vikings, which makes them set off a huge fart explosion.