The Kick-Gunther Relationship (a.k.a. Kinther) is a friendship relationship between Kick Buttowski and
Gunther Magnuson.

Episodes with relationship signals

Season 1

Dead Man's Drop

  • When Brad locked Kick in his room, Gunther helped him escape so he could conquer Dead Man's Drop.


  • When Kick got depressed, Gunther tried to cheer him up.

Kick the Habit

  • Gunther prevented Kick from being lured in to do a stunt in 24 hours, so he wouldn't be sent off to Military/Reform School, which would lead in them not being able to see one another. He is the only person not trying to make Kick perform any stunts.

Abandon Friendship!

  • This episode is the first time that Kick and Gunther are not friends with one another in the series, due to their parents forbidding them from being friends. It is noted that they want to remain friends, albeit their parents' animosity towards one another.
  • Kick is shown to make a doll replica of Gunther in order to keep him company.
  • In the midst of searching for a new friend, Kick peforms a stunt that leads him into his and Gunther's previous hangout, and they begin to quarrel. Eventually, they grow tired of quarrelling, they make-up and become friends once more.
  • They plan out a friendship plan for their parents to make-up also, so they can continue being friends in peace.

Roll Reversal

  • He's only the one who didn't join Kendall's celebration of her stunt cause him to stay with Kick alone.