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Season 1

Appearances Title Cards
"Stumped" (debut) Stumped hdtitlecard.jpg
"There Will Be Nachos" Therewillbenachos hdtitlecard.jpg
"Kick the Habit" Kickthehabit hdtitlecard.jpg
"Not Without My Cereal" Notwithoutmycereal hdtitlecard.jpg
"According to Chimp" Accordingtochimp hdtitlecard.jpg
"Trike X-5" (flashback, non-speaking cameo) Trikex-5 hdtitlecard.jpg
"Those Who Camp, Do Thosewhocamp,do hdtitlecard.jpg
"Dog Gone" Doggone hdtitlecard.jpg
"Dad's Car" Dad'scar hdtitlecard.jpg
"Exposed" (non-speaking appearance) Exposed hdtitlecard.jpg
"Things That Make You Go Boom!" Thingsthatmakeyougoboom! hdtitlecard.jpg
"Kyle Be Back" (non-speaking appearance) Kylebeback hdtitlecard.jpg
"A Very Buttowski Mother's Day" Averybuttowskimother'sday hdtitlecard.jpg
"Abandon Friendship!" Abandonfriendship! hdtitlecard.jpg
"Braking The Grade" Brakingthegrade hdtitlecard.jpg
"Tattler's Tale" Tattler'stale hdtitlecard.jpg
"Fistful of Ice Cream" Fistfuloficecream hdtitlecard.jpg
"And... Action!" (cameo) And...action! hdtitlecard.jpg

Season 2

Appearances Photos
"$MOW MONEY!$ (cameo) Mowmoney hdtitlecard.jpg
"Kickin' Genes" Kickin'genes hqtitlecard.jpg
"Clothes Call" Clothescall hqtitlecard.jpg
"Clean... To The Extreme" (non-speaking cameo) Clean...totheextreme hdtitlecard.jpg
"Garage Banned" (cameo) Garagebanned hqtitlecard.jpg
"Truth or Daredevil" Truthordaredevil hdtitlecard.jpg
"Live In Wade" Liveinwade hqtitlecard.jpg
"Kick or Treat" (cameo) Kickortreat hqtitlecard.jpg
"Dead Man's Roller Coaster" (cameo) Deadman'srollercoaster hqtitlecard.jpg
"Brad's Room" (cameo) Brad'sroom hdtitlecard.jpg
"Bromance" (flashback/non-speaking cameo) Bromance hqtitlecard.jpg
"A Cousin Kyle Christmas" Acousinkylechristmas hqtitlecard.jpg
"Snow Problem" Snowproblem hqtitlecard.jpg
"Attic-a" Attic-a hqtitlecard.jpg
"Swap Meet" Swapmeet hqtitlecard.jpg
"Bwar and Peace" Bwarandpeace hqtitlecard.jpg
"Bad Table Manners" Badtablemanners hqtitlecard.jpg
"Petrified!" Petrified! hqtitlecard.jpg
"Say Cheese" Saycheese hqtitlecard.jpg
"Pinch Sitter" Pinchsitter hqtitlecard.jpg
"Last Fan Standing" (non-speaking cameo) Lastfanstanding hqtitlecard.jpg
"Crumbs!" Crumbs! hqtitlecard.jpg
"Stay Cool" (cameo/last speaking appearance) Staycool hqtitlecard.jpg
"Only the Loan-ly" (non-speaking cameo/last appearance) Onlytheloan-ly hqtitlecard.jpg
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