Gym Dandy
Season 2, Episode 20
Gymdandy hqtitlecard.jpg
Prod. Code: 213a
Premiered: September 23, 2011
Goal: Pick a sport to play at school and stay out of gym class.
Written by:
  Patrick Andrew O'Connor
Storyboard by:
  Mark Ackland
Ricardo Durante
Directed by:
  Chris Savino
Clay Morrow
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"Gym Dandy" is the 20th. episode of Season 2 of Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil.


When dodgeball is replaced with "knitoga" (a combination of knitting and yoga) in gym class, Kick tries out for the school's sports teams. However, in his quest to become an athlete, he causes some chaos when he has trouble following Coach Sternbeck's rules.



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