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Gunther Magnuson
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 10-11
23 (age in 2022)
Hair color: Blond
Eye color: Black
Personal Information
  Magnuson Family
The Chimi-Changas
The Lipstick Killers
The Emotional Dillweeds
Kick's sidekick
Class President (as of "Poll Position")
  3121 Redstone Avenue, Mellowbrook
  Wingman (usually by Wade)
  Kick Buttowski (best friend)
Mr. Vickle
Jackie Wackerman
Kendall Perkins (frenemy)
Emo Kid
Honey Buttowski
Harold Buttowski
Brianna Buttowski
Mouth (frenemy)
Ronaldo (frenemy)
Papercut Peterson (in "Drop Kick")
Brad Buttowski (on occasion)
  Ms. Chicarelli
Gordie Gibble
DiPazzi Twins
Brad Buttowski (most of the time)
Kendall Perkins (frenemy)
Ronaldo (frenemy)
Mouth (frenemy)
Shogun Sanchez
Papercut Peterson (he insults Gunther by calling him "a little girl")
Love Interests:
  Jackie Wackerman
Teena Sometimes
Lady Lala
Abbie (one-sided)
  Coordinating Kick's stunts
Daredevil Idols:
  Rock Callahan
Billy Stumps
Magnus Magnuson (father)
Helga Magnuson (mother)
Unknown (plenty)
Guinea Pig
Bjorgen (uncle)
Uncle Christopher (uncle)
Plenty of cousins
Production Information
First Appearance:
  "Dead Man's Drop"
Last Appearance:
  "Locked Out" (speaking)
"Rocked" (appearance)
Voiced by:
Rob Paulsen

Gunther Magnuson is Kick's best friend, stunt coordinator, and his wingman. He is overweight (relatively) and has a tendency to worry.


Unlike Kick,

Gunther filming Kick, worried as always in "Rank of Awesome".

Gunther does not willingly perform massive stunts alone, but will if the situation requires. He also appears to have a short attention span in crucial situations. His worst fear (that we have seen) is being seperated from Kick. Although Gunther says that his family are from Norway he wears Dutch clogs, the flag of Norway is hanging in his room, and he wears a lederhose (a German national costume) in few episodes. He is also in love with Jackie Wackerman. His parents, Magnus and Helga run Kick's favorite restaurant, BattleSnax. In "Poll Position" he unintentionally becomes class president by impressing the other students after giving an impassionate speech on how class elections work.


Gunther is constantly worried about Kick's stunts, even though he supports him very much as his best friend. He also has a few weird tendencies, like smelling his own hands. But most of the time he is seen as being kind and happy, and likes everyone (except Brad, Gordie Gibble and Ms. Chicarelli). He normally is a "moron", but when he gets angry, he becomes a very good rapper as seen in "Garage Banned".


Gunther can summon an entire army of Viking warriors (which are in fact his own family, The Magnusons) by using a battle horn. He is also able to eat a whole variety of foods, no matter how harmful or inedible they happen to be. It is also worth noting that Gunther has a great capacity to make any girl fall for him - with the exception of Jackie, who only likes daredevils. In "Clean... To The Extreme", Brad asks for a girl's number in exchange for helping Kick, to which Kick immediately orders Gunther to get it. Within a matter of seconds, Gunther is back with a dating suit and the number. When Brad asks Gunther how he obtained it, he replies, "Women find me irresistible. It is my gift, it is my curse".


Gunther, like Kick, wears a trademark outfit. His clothing consists of a light blue t-shirt, denim shorts, a red baseball cap, white socks, and orange Crocs. He is shown to have natural blonde hair, and is somewhat overweight. It has been noted that he bears a striking resemblance to the Family Guy character Chris Griffin.


Kick Buttowski

Gunther is Kick's best friend and stunt coordinator. They are always together, united and looking out for each other. Gunther is often worried about Kick's stunts, but he supports him anyway. In "Kicked Out", Kick makes it clear that he isn't going to do anything without Gunther, saying: "Not without my Gunther!". However, their friendship is tested in "Abandon Friendship!", where it is shown that even their parents' fights can separate them.

Jackie Wackerman

Jackie is Gunther's current crush, although this is mainly due to the similarities in their heritage. His love is not returned, however, since Jackie only likes daredevils. As a result, Kick attempts to teach him how to become a daredevil, and succeeds in "For The Love of Gunther". But after this episode, he somehow reverts back to normal, and Jackie is back to stalking Kick.

Kendall Perkins

Usually Gunther is friendly to Kendall.

  • While in "Abandon Friendship!", he yearns for Kendall to be his new best friend (although she simply slams the door in his face).
  • Despite this, she sees Gunther as stupid, annoying, and idiotic. For this reason, Kendall would much rather prefer to be around Kick than with Gunther, as seen in "Abandon Friendship!" and "Pinch Sitter".

Teena Sometimes

Teena is Gunther's crush during "And... Action!". She doesn't care for him anyway, because he's a lousy flirt, and she is a snobby celebrity. By the end of the episode, he makes one last attempt to ask Teena out on a date, and it works - but she asks her double to fill her place for her (and her double is similar to Papercut Peterson).


Papercut Peterson

Papercut helps Gunther and Kick become wrestlers, but after several episodes he resorts to calling Gunther a "little girl". It's still unknown why. But Gunther becomes his friend anyway in "Drop Kick". After this episode, their friendship is never shown again. In "Garage Banned", Gunther is seen despising Papercut for calling him a little girl, but by the end of the episode he testifies that he's over the matter.

Gunther Magnuson