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Frame Story
Season 1, Episode 39
Framestory hdtitlecard.jpg
Prod. Code: 220a
Premiered: November 25, 2010
Goal: Find out who framed him
Written by:
  Derek Dressler
Storyboard by:
  Clay Morrow
Heather Martinez
Directed by:
  Chris Savino
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"Frame Story" is the 39th. episode of Season 1 of Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil.


When Kick performs a dangerous stunt inside school, the principal, tired of Kick's stunts, threatens to expel him and have him home schooled by Ms. Chicarelli if he pulls one more stunt inside school. So Kick vows to not perform any more stunts inside school but he finds out someone is performing stunts to frame him and get him expelled so he and Gunther create a plan to find out who framed him before the principal expels him.

Gunther distracts the teacher while Kick looks for clues, evidence and suspects to find out who framed him:

Clues and evidence:

  • A cap from a capless red marker
  • Red letters on the wall reading "Kick was here"
  • A capless red marker


First, he interviews Kendall and Ronaldo, but finds out they didn't frame him. Then, he sees the janitor with the evidence and finds out he framed him. When he shows the proof to the principal, he is about the fire the janitor for framing Kick when Kick says that keeping him on board would mean less paperwork. This convinces the principal to not fire him and he tells Kick to get back to class.