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Dad's Car
Season 1, Episode 21
Dad'scar hdtitlecard.jpg
Prod. Code: 112a
Premiered: May 15, 2010
Goal: Keep Monique away from destruction before his dad returns.
Story by:
  David Shayne
Written by:
  Clay Morrow
Storyboard by:
  Clay Morrow
Directed by:
  Chris Savino
Sherm Cohen
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"Dog Gone"
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"The Treasure of Dead Man Dave"

"Dad's Car" is the 21st. episode of Season 1 of Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil.


Harold is showcasing "Monique", his car that means everything to him, to Kick and Brad. When he leaves, Kick and Brad break out into a fight, and Kick accidentally scratches the car. Brad gets ready to tattle on him, when a swarm of bees sting his tongue, causing it to swell up so he can't talk. Kick gets Harold to drive Brad to the hospital in Honey's car, giving Kick time to figure out what to do. He gets Wade to help him fix the scratch while Gunther stalls Brad and Harold at the hospital by pretending to be a doctor. Kick and Wade get Monique fixed when the car accidentally rolls away. Kick starts skateboarding after it all through town. He manages to stop the car using a parachute, but can't drive it back home due to an empty gas tank. He pushes it to a stoplight where he notices Ms. Chicarelli in her car. Kick ties Monique to her car so she can pull it along. While Brad and Harold are driving back home, Brad suggests he drives to get home quicker. They approach Monique, at which point Kick removes the dice hanging from the mirror so Harold doesn't recognize his car. Both cars are neck in neck as they approach home, until Gunther comes out of a sewer grate after dropping his phone inside earlier. This causes Ms. Chicarelli to stop, and Monique goes up her car like a ramp and safely makes it back to the driveway, while Brad spins out and crashes. Afterwards, Brad tries to show Harold the scratch, only to see that it's gone. When Brad leaves, Harold mentions that Monique's always had a scratch, and Kick tells him he fixed it for him. At that point, Honey comes out and notices her car, which she names "Antonio" is wrecked.