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Brad Buttowski
Brad Buttowski.png
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 14 years old (formerly)

15-17 years old 27 years old (age in 2022)

Birthday: April 4 1995
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Black
Personal Information
  Buttowski Family
The Yeah Brads
The Emotional Dillweeds
  3161 Redstone Avenue, Mellowbrook
Older Buttowski (by Gordon Gibble)
Brianna Buttowski (frenemy)
Kick Buttowski (frenemy)
  Ms. Chicarelli
Kick Buttowski (most of the time)
Brianna Buttowski (most of the time)
Gunther Magnuson
Gordon Gibble
Kendall Perkins
Jackie Wackerman (in "The Gift of Wacky" and "Garage Banned")
Mouth (in "Pool Daze" and "Luigi Vendetta".)
Emo Kid (in "Pool Daze" and "Garage Banned")
Ronaldo (in "Power Play")
Luigi Vendetta (he annoys Brad with his song in "Luigi Vendetta")
The Kiddie Pool
The Chimi-Changas
Love Interests:
  Kelly (former)
Hamburger on a Stick Girl
The Blonde Twins
April (former)
  Bullying Kick
Flirting with girls
Drinking his favorite apple juice
Honey Buttowski (mother)
Harold Buttowski (father)
Kick Buttowski (younger brother)
Brianna Buttowski (younger sister)
Dr. Awesome (former)
Jazzy (former)
Cousin Kyle
Production Information
First Appearance:
  "Dead Man's Drop"
Last Appearance:
Voiced by:
Danny Cooksey

Bradley "Brad" Buttowski is the tritagonist as well as one of, if not, the main antagonist of Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil.

He is Kick Buttowski and Brianna Buttowski's older brother. He bullies Kick all the time, tries to flirt with girls, thinks he's popular and is very lazy. He also has poor hygiene.


Brad is one of Kick's most common antagonists (like Kendall Perkins but Ms. Chicarelli and Gordie Gibble are the worst). He bullies Kick, and is left in charge of him and Brianna when their parents are out. Brad has very poor hygiene, and does not shower, wash his hands, or brush his teeth. He also thinks he is popular. He is presumably 14 years old as he is still taking his driver's test. He mainly tries to ruin Kick's plans and stunts but on occasion either helps him (willingly or not) or just ignores him. Brad is hopeless with girls. It is shown in "There Will Be Nachos" that he has bad dance moves. Most episodes featuring Brad have him in an antagonistic role against Kick. They fight, usually pretty violently, though they're more destructive to their surroundings rather than to each other. In "Tattler's Tale" it's revealed that Brad and Kick both enjoy their fights with each other and will go to great lengths to cover it up from their parents, suggesting they are friendly fights.

In "A Very Buttowski Mother's Day", Brad is convinced that he has "second place" in his mother's heart, and so tries to ruin Kick's present's to get "first place". Brad is usually seen hanging out with his friends Horace and Pantsy. They tend to act as his lackies, performing whatever task he asks of them; why they tolerate this is unknown.


Brad is usually annoying to everyone due to his jerkish behavior or just his tendency to be abrasive to others.

He always bullies Kick and his friends, but he can be nice sometimes, usually when a girl is involved and he's dating her. Other In Brad seems to lack in the intelligence area. He sometimes has smart plans or creative ideas but he's fooled very easily and can be used by other girls and not even be aware of it, such as by Kelly who is only using him to become a cheerleader in "Love Stinks!", and in "Pool Daze" where he is being used by Shannon so that she doesn't have to do anything while on lifeguard duty.


Brad always wears a gray t-shirt, yellow pants, a black belt and green tennis shoes. He has spiked black hair and black eyes and is noticeably very tall and despite working out, he lacks any physical muscle.

Brad Buttowski