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  • TXToonGuy1037

    Haley Trenton

    July 30, 2018 by TXToonGuy1037

    Haley Trenton is Julie's younger (same age as Brianna) sister who is the best soccer player along with Kendall (who does it secretly) in the Kick Buttowski fanfic movie - The Way of A Bluebonnet Bridge.

    Haley is the most friendliest and loyal to Kick (and her other friends) and is 100% ready and defend her friends or those in need.

    Haley is a short girl (just Kick and Brianna), with brunette hair, violet eyes, fair light skin, yellow sweater, violet shirt, purple shorts and boots, white socks.

    Even though she is by Julie's side the most, you'll see her on Kendall's side.

    They are close sisters as they protect each other from jerks like Ronaldo, Brad, and Gordie.

    She and Gunther relate to each others when they do fun stuff. Haley supports Gunthe…

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  • TXToonGuy1037

    Julie Trenton

    July 30, 2018 by TXToonGuy1037

    Julie Trenton is Kendall's best friend and Kick's frenemy-turned-friend in the Kick Buttowski fanfic movie - The Way of A Bluebonnet Bridge. She is also Haley's older sister and Gunther's love interest/girlfriend.

    Compared to most characters, Julie is one of the most helpful to Kick and Kendall. Sometimes she's an ally to Kick, but sometimes she can be very annoying to Kick due to her wisecracks. Usually she has no problem complimenting something that Kick may have done, and seems to show interest in his stunts, and overall is 100% loyal to Kendall and Haley (even Kick and Gunther).

    Julie is a tall girl (just like Kendall and Jackie), with red hair, green eyes, fair tan skin, purple shirt, green long-sleeve shirt, socks and flats, yellow hai…

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  • TXToonGuy1037
    • Based on my art of Be There For You.
    • The Way of A Bluebonnet Bridge
    • Starring: Kick Buttowski, Kendall Perkins and Julie Trenton
    • Co-Starring: Gunther Magnuson, Haley Trenton, Brianna Buttowski, Mouth and Emo Kid
    • Based on characters by Sandro Corsaro and Chris Savino
    • Story written by TXToonGuy1037

    ---Part 1---

    It was a suppose to be a typical day for Kendall Perkins, but today would change that. It all started when Kendall was about to start her speech of her election as class president.
    "And that is why is I'm once again looking forward as your class president."
    "What is your platform?" Mouth asked.
    "Well, I plan to make limit a bit of recess and add more time for class work."
    "Well, I'm not voting her." Mouth stated, and most of the students agree to…

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  • TXToonGuy1037

    Voice Cast (If Only) - Charlie Schlatter/Will Friedle (Kick Buttowski), Linda Cardellini (Julie Trenton), Emily Osment/Mae Whitman (Kendall Perkins), Matt Jones (Gunther Magnuson), Eric Bauza (Mr. Wang), Simon Helberg (Ronaldo), Hyden Walch (Lucy Penkinson), Kath Soucie (Haley Trenton and Nurse Trenton), Phil LaMarr (Michael and Antonio DiPazzi) Maria Bamford (Jackie Wackerman), Richard Steven Horvitz (Mouth)

    Note: Here's ROMANCING THE STONE with Kick, Kendall and Julie! Enjoy!


    Early afternoon in Mellowbrook Elementary School in the auditorium: rehearsing the play of Romeo and Juiet, with Ronaldo and Kendall Perkins playing the title roles, something that pissed not only Kick but also a few more people Kick Buttowski knows very w…

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  • TXToonGuy1037

    Honey: "You boys are always get into trouble."
    Brad: "It's not my fault the dillweed won't stay still."
    Kick: "Wrong, it's your fault for watching those Tankini magizines!"
    Brad: "Well, maybe it's better you never been born!"
    Honey/Harold: "BRADLEY!!"
    Kick and Brad have never been close but those words pierced through Kick's heart.
    Kick: "You know, I sometimes I feel the same thing."

    Kick left the house in to The Gully. Honey, furious, slapped Brad hard, it broke his collard bone.

    Honey: "If you say that one more time, Bradley, and you'll regret you'll ever been born yourself."
    Kick was in the park leaning on his tree. Thinking how much of a black sheep he is to his family when someone spotted him.
    Haley: "Hi, Kick."
    Kick turned to see his second win…

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  • TXToonGuy1037

    Kick Buttowski wakes up in a living room in a a house similar to his families' house with Brad, with both of them having hands in chains. The figure comes closer to the two, with thundering and lightning making the figure intimdiating. The figure reveals to be Julie Trenton, the most well-known gamer in Mellowbrook and also Kendall Perkins' best friend.

    "This is the end of my end of my game," Julie says to Kick and Brad while showing the board game Nightmare, "But the beginning of your nightmares!"

    "Get us out of these chains, Julie!" Kick complains. "It's not funny!"

    "Yeah", Brad agrees, "what's the big idea?"

    "Oh, you probably forgot." Julie informs to the two Buttowski brothers. "Your mom asks me to babysit you guys."

    "Ah, biscuits."

    "I hope …

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  • TXToonGuy1037

    He has been thinking about this ever since a few months ago. And after what stupid things he did to her, he wouldn't be surprised. She was getting her payback. After all they've been through together. Him kissing her in the cinema, them being paired up to dance in the class completion, their hands stuck together they bond and blushed. He remembered those good times, especially when what happened a few days ago.

    Kendall Perkins was ignoring Kick Buttowski, not just ignoring him, but actually acting he doesn't exist in her life, like everything they do, whether good or bad doesn't matter to her. At first Kick couldn't figure out why she did and was happily content but when he realized that she was paying him back for his stupid plans, like hi…

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  • TXToonGuy1037

    Clarence Francis "Kick" Buttowski and Kendall Celeste Rose Perkins

    Why Do I Ship Kindall (Kick/Kendall) and why they should be together?

    In the simple case Opposites attract, and I enjoy some couple of that topic like Alejandro and Heather from Total Drama or Duncan and Courtney from TDI, and Kick and Kendall is definitely no exception.

    Kick and Kendall may fight like cats and dogs but they have shown a liking for one another even though they hadn't picked up on it yet. Awesomeness and Elegance can work together work the greater good.

    An example can be found in the episode "Hand in Hand" when they got their hands stuck together. When the notion of everyone they knew thinking that they were Boyfriend and Girlfriend crossed their mind Kick Barel…

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  • Emojackie

    jackie's love for kick

    March 24, 2015 by Emojackie

    despite of all the proporsals jackie put forward to kick, he seems to be avoiding her.


    kick doesnt want jackie to open her present (in garage banned) for he doesnt want jackie to hate him.

    I strongly dispprove her when she was ready to take gunther as he makes it down the widow makers peak  (in for the love of gunther) , but it was kick's crooked plan and he was manipulating her craze for daredevils. also you can see her back in action. and cheering up kendal (in roll reversal) was something that should have happened.

    but....exceptions are not examples.

    therefore, jackie is the one for kick & kendal shall go with ronaldo. 

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  • Itegami2000

    For the next couple of months, I will be in the process of moving homes so I'm not going to be able to visit here as often as I'd like to for a while but don't worry, I'm not by any means quitting. My online presence will return to normal once I am settled in my new home but for now, I will only be able to make occasional visits as I will be very busy IRL. Thanks for understanding in advance.

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  • Itegami2000

    Another Upcoming Vacation

    November 21, 2013 by Itegami2000

    I'm just letting everyone know that I will be on vacation from 23rd November to 30th November. I cannot guarantee that I'll get an Internet connection while I'm away so if I can't, I'll see you all again at the end of the month.

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  • Itegami2000

    Admin request.

    May 15, 2013 by Itegami2000

    I've decided I'm going to put in an Adoption request for this wiki as this wiki needs at least one regularly visiting admin IMO. Will anyone show me any support for me becoming this wiki's new admin or does anyone prefer someone else to become admin?

    I am now this wiki's new admin. I'd like to personally thank ShadowBeast for supporting me.

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  • Beckoliver.marron

    There so many TV channels in Canada and lots of them are partly owned by American ownerships and Canadian ownerships.

    • CBC
    • CBC HD
    • CBC News Network
    • CBC News Network HD
    • CityTV
    • CityTV HD
    • CTV
    • CTV HD
    • CTV News Channel
    • CTV News Channel HD
    • CTV Two
    • CTV Two HD
    • Global
    • Global HD
    • CBC Radio Canada Television
    • CBC Radio Canada Television HD

    • ABC
    • ABC HD
    • CBS
    • CBS HD
    • Fox
    • Fox HD
    • NBC
    • NBC HD
    • PBS
    • PBS HD

    • ABC Spark
    • Cartoon Network Canada
    • CMT Canada
    • Cosmopolitan TV
    • EuroWorld Sport
    • Food Network Canada
    • Mediaset Italia
    • Nickelodeon Canada
    • Oprah Winfrey Network Canada
    • Sky TG24
    • Sundance Channel
    • TLN
    • tln en espanol
    • TeleNinos
    • Teletoon (English/ French)
    • Teletoon Retro (English/ French)
    • Treehouse TV
    • YTV
    • W Movies
    • W Network
    • Movie Central
    • Encore Avenue

    • Cartoon Network Canada
    • Disney XD
    • Family
    • Disney Junior
    • The Movie Network
    • HBO Canada
    • Th…

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  • Davidholanda72

    New wiki KB in Poland

    November 28, 2012 by Davidholanda72

    I thought it has "pl.kickbuttowski" but has no. So I created the Polish wiki KB

    Click here to visit the wiki

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  • Mrkrules

    I think Chicarelli is far neutral rather than Librarian because Chicarelli is only punish people but Librarian is wan't to kill someone.

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  • Afro Thunder


    November 15, 2012 by Afro Thunder

    Hmm... The blogs are beginning to become a bit obsolete.

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  • Afro Thunder


    November 12, 2012 by Afro Thunder

    People need to check for grammar and spelling errors before publishing their edits! Seriously, it bugs me.

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  • Quomler

    Randy Cunningham 9th Grade Ninja wiki is a wiki that focuses on the new Disney XD show. The wiki doesn't have enough editors, so please come check it out!

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  • Itegami2000

    Upcoming Vacation

    August 13, 2012 by Itegami2000

    I will be on vacation in Anglesey from August 15th to September 1st (and in quite a remote location as well) so it'll be touch and go whether I'll be able to continue updating this wiki with my edits as an internet connection there isn't guaranteed. If I'm able to get a connection with my niece's laptop I'll try and visit when I can but if not, I'll see you all again in September.

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  • Beckybell

    This Age Debate...

    March 19, 2012 by Beckybell

    Look guys, since I opened comments on the wikia, lots of people've been complaining about the ages of the characters, mainly Kick's.

    Some people say he is 12, others say he is 14, but both are wrong, I'm sorry.


    Please STOP changing his age on his infobox. This wikia was NOT made for wars.

    Also, please understand that EVERY CHARACTER'S AGE IS UNKNOWN, EXCEPT KICK'S. Kendall Perkins now became another victim of the age change. It is PROBABLE (not official) that her age is 12, so until some real font reveal Kendall's real age, it will stay as 12. DO NOT CHANGE IT.

    Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil is a cartoon. So, charact…

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  • Merilu30

    I'll Tell the Story of Love and Kick Kendall

    It all begins when kick kendall kisses in film (■ Box Office Blitz) I think Kick Ai discovers that ronaldo and kendall are together Kick participates in the progam "face down" and enlists the help of kick to win the progam ronaldo ronaldo and asks for help to be more radical in that Kendall told him he could be more radical and kick is when she looks with a look at the romantic Ronaldo is not in episódiomais kick and kendall are made ​​to dance together and in the end she tells him "You're so awesome" and he says "You're So Smart" Now the episode and assimkickestá practicing maneuvers in a cave And there also is kendall coming up and kick her and she asks for help to lift and had a hand in the ca…

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  • AlitheSidekickHD

    The Edward & Rodney Show is an animated fanfiction series revolves around Edward Berkowitz and Rodney Henderson living in the suburbs of Ottawa and having wild and wacky adventures together, no matter how destructive. In the show, Edward and Rodney are living in the same house. They live in a world that is connected to Sidekick, Kick Buttowski, Jimmy Two-Shoes, & Ratchet & Clank. The series has started on October 8, 2011 on DeviantArt.

    • Edward Berkowitz - a cool, calm, and confident guy who has a bit of an easy life. He's a mechanic that fixes ships and dreadnoughts, creates weapons. He's also the main hero in the series.
    • Rodney Henderson - Edward's happy-go-lucky, hyperactive, and highly destructive best friend who is bit of a psychopath. He a…

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  • Lam47911

    How is Gunther 11?

    January 2, 2012 by Lam47911

    Gunther is 11? How he is in the same class as Kick who is 13! Was Kick held back or something? Please tell me!

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  • Beckybell

    More Kindall!

    December 30, 2011 by Beckybell

    Wait... It should be...

    MOAR KINDALL!!!!!!!!

    Yes, it's true! There's another upcoming (and unnamed) Kindall episode!

    Sandro, stop teasing us!

    It has been confirmed with this tweet, by Sandro.

    Sooooo, let's wait!

    Oh, and, Happy New Year!

    --14:24, December 30, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Beckybell

    Hello KB fans!

    As christmas is coming, I made a new look for the wiki! Still awesome, but more christmas-spirited!

    Just just you all enjoy it!

    Changing the subject, I came to Sandro Corsaro's twitter and he is leaving some clues about upcoming but unnamed episodes! With storyboard sketches or scripts!

    One where Kendall, Gunther and (probably) Kick grow up:!/SandroCorsaro/status/144885096300822528/photo/1

    One where Wacky Jackie and Cousin Kyle finally meet! Fighting for the position of Kick's #1 fan:!/SandroCorsaro/status/147082011457228801/photo/1

    Stay alert for new episodes!

    -- 16:51, December 16, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Beckybell


    November 17, 2011 by Beckybell

    If you are a TRUE Kick Buttowski fan, PLEASE READ.

    The cartoon will (probably) be CANCELED.

    The Disney Executives are trying to cancel the show. Kick's voice actor (Charlie Schlatter) told a fan about the possibility of the cancellation of the cartoon.

    Are you gonna let it happen?

    NO! We CAN'T let it happen!

    Do you wanna help?

    If you are a true KB fan, sign this petition made by a fan and put the twitter hashtags: #OccupyMellowbrook OR #SaveKickButtowski (If you don't have a Twitter, MAKE ONE!!!)


    Please, don't let the cartoon be canceled!

    More information:…

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  • AmazinglyGlorious


    September 24, 2011 by AmazinglyGlorious

    Guys, in wikipedia, there's saying in October will exist an episode called "Kick or Treat".

    Is it real?

    AmazinglyGlorious 13:17, September 24, 2011 (UTC)

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  • AmazinglyGlorious

    Eh, I saw Sandro Corsaro's twitter, and a fan asked if Ronaldo has a last name, and if it will ever be revealed on the show.

    Sandro answered: "Ronaldo is like Madonna. One name - that's it!"

    I didn't got the joke. Did you? O_o

    AmazinglyGlorious 20:04, September 20, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Beckybell

    New Episodes

    September 8, 2011 by Beckybell

    Babes, I, yesterday, talked to Sandro Corsaro via twitter. I questioned if there were new KB episodes coming up in September.

    He said no.

    But don't worry! In October, at a new time we are gonna have new episodes, so look for it!

    Also, check out Sandro's twitter. There's a video of him, the KB crew, and Dwight Howard (the voice actor for Rock Callahan stopping by to check in on a new episode called "Bromance".


    Looks like it's a romance episode...

    Let's wait for news for Mr. Corsaro!

    -- 20:39, September 08, 2011 (UTC)

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