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According to Chimp
Season 1, Episode 14
Accordingtochimp hdtitlecard.jpg
Prod. Code: 109b
Premiered: March 20, 2010
Story by:
  Adam Beechen
Written by:
  Mark Drop
Storyboard by:
  Carl Faruolo
Directed by:
  Chris Savino
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"Runaway Recital"

"According to Chimp" is the 14th. episode of Season 1 of Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil.


Kick and Gunther find an escaped chimp from the zoo, and Kick names him "Dr. Awesome". Soon, Kick grows attached to him and decides to keep him as a pet, but due to his parents not allowing him to get any more pets, he must keep the chimp hidden from his family. Unfortunately, Dr. Awesome has the potential to cause serious mayhem unless he's pacified by chocolate bananas, and once they run out, it becomes harder for Kick to hide him from his family. Things become even worse when all the other chimps escape from the zoo to find the chimp, who happens to be their leader, and invade the neighborhood to find him. Just as things are looking grim, Kick gets the idea to lure Dr. Awesome and all the other chimps back to the zoo using chocolate bananas, and after realizing his family will kill him once he returns, Kick along with Gunther decide to stay there a while.


Harold exits the bathroom, his stomach gurgles again, and he goes back inside.