• This is the first of only 2 half-hour episodes in the entire series (the other being "Bwar and Peace").
  • When Grandpa looks at his motorbike parked in the Dictator base, a Volkswagen Safari and a 1939 Chevrolet Pick Up are beside it.
  • When Grandpa and the Scientist are in the gas station, a 1950 Ford Pick Up can be seen parked on the right.
  • Tankinistan is a parody of Nazi Germany, while its name is a pun on Afghanistan.
  • Grandpa breaks the fourth wall because when Kick says "you were falling out of control, through the sky without a parachute?" Grandpa (in the flashback) looks at the viewers and puts his glasses on.
  • Grandpa's attack "Eye Want You" is a pun on & a reference to the US Army mascot Uncle Sam.
  • The Dictator's attack "Wall Of Duty' is a reference to the video game series "Call Of Duty".
  • Grandpa's attack "Duct & Cover" is a pun on the phrase "Duck & Cover", taken from the U.S. Civil defense film of the same name.


  • Grandpa says that when a motorbike is started in midair, you can do a cool wheelie when you land but the scene shows Grandpa falling normally.
  • When the motorbike is falling to the ground, it has a parachute. But when it lands, the parachute disappears.
  • When Kick and the duct slide fall, they are away from Honey. But in the next scene, Honey is near them.
  • When the metal blinds are open, the letters on the word "Tankinistan" are very closer. In the next scene, the letters are a little bit away from each other and a wood board with a photo appears from nowhere.
  • When the Colonel says the password, he is mouthing it.
  • Kick should take one of the planes that are on the base.
  • When Horace and Pantsy's ancestors are talking after Grandpa splashes mud on them, the colors on Pantsy's glasses swap sides.
  • Before Horace and Pantsy's ancestors begin to chase Grandpa, Horace has a dictator hat. But during the chase scenes, he has a WWII era Germany helmet.
  • It would be impossible for French bread to impale a wall.
  • The Scientist's hair becomes brighter like Gunther's after the shave formula falls on him.
  • Thinky McTellsalot cannot tattle on Grandpa and The Scientist because she doesn't know about Grandpa's mission.
  • Before the commercial break, Grandpa is falling and there are no crates falling around him. But after that, Grandpa is falling with crates.
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